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Child Safety on the Internet
Parents should read this excellent guidebook on "Child Safety on the Information Highway".
Safety on the Internet for Kids provides valuable notes, advice and warnings.
Kid Safety on the Internet has questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle all kinds of emergencies.
The Internet is a valuable resource to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
The Child Abuse Prevention Network is also on the 'Net.
Finding Terrific Web Sites
Here's a fun "search engine" to help you find safe web sites for kids called Yahooligans!
There are some great sites at Kids Web: A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids.
Web Sites for Children and Youth is a project of Media Literacy Online.
Here are some samples from Net-Mom's Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages Book.
Local Internet Service providers have excellent Kids Pages: KDSInternet has Hot Lists: Kids and Hot Lists: Homework Help; B.I.T.S. has a GI Online Just-for-Kids Page; HamiltonNet has Kids pages.
The Importance of Reading to Your Child
Celebrate National Library Week the entire year with the help of the American Library Association's Tips for Parents page, including "How to Raise a Reader" and "Know What Your Children are Reading".
Read about our library's BabyTALK program and then READ to your child!
Captain Kangaroo, Maurice Sendak and others share their favorite books in "Books Every Child Should Read".
The Children's Book Council has "75 Authors and Illustrators Everyone Should Know".
The U.S. Department of Education has produced "Helping Your Child Learn to Read" and "Helping Your Child Use the Library".
Parents and Children Together Online promotes family literacy and the joy of reading together through original stories and articles.
Be sure to read this ERIC publication "Monitoring TV Time".
"Movies and Televison Based on Children's Books" may introduce your child to reading.
Books and Magazines for Kids
Read this fun and creative version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - Little Bo Peep and Ikintar the Giraffe are also included.
Stories from the Web
Tales to Tell includes illustrated versions of poems, folktales, hero tales, and fables.
Full texts of children's classics, fairy and folk tales, stories and rhymes, and magazines can be found the Fairrosa Cyber Library Reading Room.
Check out Online Chidren's Literature or Online Children's Stories.
"Tell me More! Information about Children's Authors & Illustrators, and their Books" will get you to the best Internet sites about your favorites.
In case you are wondering about those Caldecott, Newbery and other "Award Winning Books".
Carol Hurst's Childrens Literature Site has reviews of books and related activities you can do with your kids on and off the 'Net.
The Internet Public Library has a story hour feature with text and pictures of several favorites.
Are you familiar with Reading Rainbow books and activities?
Some Excellent Adventures Especially For Teens
The Internet Public Library Teen Division makes the 'Net a more useful place for teens.
Young Adult Literature is a webpage designed by some Library Science students - it will link you to some great sites!
Budding artists, authors, composers, and other creative teens make the webpages of Cyberteens.
The Student Center has lots of information, entertainment, and links for high school and college students.
'Net Sites on Parenting
Here's some information about our library's ParenTALK program.
ParenTALK Newsletter provides parents with comprehensive guidance from several renowned child care authorities.
Sesame Street Parents includes a new section on Kids and Media: a Family-Friendly Guide to the Electronic Age.
This Parent Soup Online Guide provides information about web sites for parents as well as for kids, and links to a terrific parenting library.
Texts of parenting materials, reviews of books, and links to newsletters, as well as Internet Resources for Parents and Those Who Work with Parents, can be found at the National Parent Information Network.
Librarians' Information Online Network provides an exhaustive parenting forum.